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1. Clamping elements (hydromechanical and double-hydraulic)
1.01Hydromechanical wedge-type clamping element for embedding in baseplates
1.02Hydromechanical wedge-type clamping element for placement on baseplates
1.03Hydromechanical cylinder insert wedge-type clamping element
1.04Double-hydraulic pull-down clamping element for embedding in baseplates
2. Lifting elements (hydromechanical and double-hydraulic)
2.01Hydromechanical lifting cylinder
2.02Double-hydraulic lifting cylinder
2.03Hydromechanical lifting roller
3. Pillar, diagonal and flat guides (with exchangeable wear elements)
3.01 Pillar guides
3.02 Diagonal guides
3.03 Flat guides
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